Privacy Policy

YourNews is designed strictly for your own personal entertainment, information, education and communication. We don’t want to know your yearly income, marital status, gender, blood type, DNA map, address, zip code, or even your name to use our service. In fact, we don’t want to collect and retain ANY personal information about you. We don’t sell your info to marketers – there’s nothing to sell. We care about YOUR community and YOUR entertainment. We want to make sure that you have a safe, enjoyable and easy-to-use cyber place to talk about what is important to YOU.

Privacy for Families:

As our communities move into the cyberspace world, trust becomes even more important to you, and to us.

  • To improve the safety, value, and enjoyment of your family’s visits to our site, we will not collect personally identifiable information from you unless you choose to provide that information to us.
  • For example, suppose you want to participate in an YourNews fantasy sports league, sweepstakes or register for a giveaway: if you voluntarily submit personal information to us for entertainment or e-commerce purposes, we keep it to ourselves. The data is accessible only to YourNews and will NOT be sold or distributed in any way to any other business (except to satisfy the purpose for which the information was given). When the offer is has expired or the transaction completed, the information is purged permanently from our systems. Like we said, we don’t want to retain any of your personal information.
  • Although YourNews encourages children to actively participate in our online communities, we do NOT solicit personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13, pursuant to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Additionally, children and teens (under 18) are not permitted to participate in YourNews activities that allow voluntary submission of personal information.
  • If your child submits stories, artwork, comments or anything else to us which is posted at any of our editions, he or she should not include any personal information without approval from parents or legal guardians.
    We promise to help children, their families and communities find the information they need to use the YourNews safely and responsibly.

We select our advertisers carefully, to ensure that the advertiser’s products and services fit YourNews’s ethical standards. YourNews designed its advertising policy with our children in mind. YourNews encourages you to review our family friendly advertising policy.

  • We want to make this site a place where families can surf together, and where parents and caregivers are happy to have their children interact, learn and share. This is, after all, your site.

Homemade Cookies

To ensure an enjoyable visit and to find your way easily-, YourNews puts a small text file, called a “cookie,” on your system. Next time you visit (Y’all come back now, ya hear?) we can give you that ‘down home’ feeling as you return to YourNews/yourhometown.

While you’re enjoying the ride with YourNews, we use the least intrusive cookies possible, known as ‘session cookies.’ Session cookies make sure you get the freshest local news. Best of all, they disappear when you leave our site! Unlike persistent cookies, which could hang around your system for months and even YEARS!


We want to recreate and sustain communities, and we can’t do it without you. We want you to feel comfortable here at YourNews and we are committed to respecting your privacy.

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