Use your Station to capture Newspaper Revenues! We are experiencing the Biggest Paradigm Shift of our day – the one you’re going to be glad happened. Daily Newspapers, like the ones in your marketplace that have enjoyed the lion’s share of local ad revenue, are shutting down their doors as their readers and circulations fade away. However, this could be good news for you!

Control Newspaper's Share of Ad Revenues in Your Local Marketplace and INCREASE RECALL & AQH

yourNEWS has successfully cracked the much sought-after code for scalable, hyper-local news and targeted advertising providing the perfect platform and an optimum opportunity for your radio station to step in, compete more effectively with, and eventually replace the daily newspaper in your market. You’ll accomplish this while leveraging your existing staff and local market brand equity with no additional costs, while capturing Newspaper’s advertising dollars as well as dollars from businesses in your market you’ve never been able to gain as advertisers before.

Message from the President.

How does it work?

What Is [your]News?

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How can you increase your local revenue?

yourNEWS Media is in the process of assembling a national network of qualified media companies, each with an exclusive Metro, DMA, or County by County territory. As part of the network your staff will have the ability to sell local, county, state, or national ads, which will dramatically increase your ad revenues, and move you closer to your goal of controlling Newspaper’s share of local advertising revenue in your market. In addition, you get 24/7 marketing for your Station Brands…perfect for increasing recall during ratings sweeps!

Contact yourNEWS by calling (800) 548-5006 or using the form on this page to receive more in depth information.

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yourNEWS-Mobile-App-round Affiliate Landing Page [your]NEWS
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