May 05, 2021

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CRISIS CASH: Republicans rip Biden’s $4B plan to stem border crisis with payments to world’s most corrupt nations

May 3, 2021 | ,

House Republicans question Biden’s ‘naive’ plan to send cash to Central America to stop migration

Biden has proposed $4B investment in Central America in push to tackle ‘root causes’

EXCLUSIVE: Republicans on the House Oversight and Budget committees are questioning a reported plan by the Biden administration to send cash payments to Central America as part of a strategy to combat the root causes of the migrant crisis — accusing the Biden administration of trying to buy its way out of a crisis.

Reps. James Comer and Jason Smith, the ranking members on the House Oversight and Budget committees, wrote to Acting Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young expressing concern about a plan for a “conditional cash transfer program” to address the “root causes” in Central America leading to the border crisis.

BORDER PATROL NABS GANG MEMBERS, INCLUDING MS-13, ATTEMPTING TO ENTER US AS PART OF MIGRANT WAVE clear CRISIS CASH: Republicans rip Biden's $4B plan to stem border crisis with payments to world's most corrupt nations Top Stories U.S. [your]NEWS

“In the midst of a border crisis propelled by the Biden administration reversing successful deterrent policies, it is worrisome that the administration’s solution isn’t to reinstate those policies or replace them with workable solutions, but instead to funnel more money to pay countries to dissuade their citizens to break U.S. laws, particularly countries with corruption concerns,” the letter, obtained by Fox News, says.

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