April 12, 2021

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Joe Biden Forgets His Mask Again After White House Speech

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President Joe Biden again forgot to put his mask back on at the White House after delivering a speech on Tuesday.

Biden approached the podium wearing a mask and took it off to speak at an event promoting the coronavirus vaccine.

But after he finished speaking, he walked away from the podium without his mask.


Despite signing an executive order mandating masks on federal property, President Biden repeatedly forgets to put his mask back on after removing it to speak.

This is Biden’s fifth time walking away from an event without his mask.

In March, Biden actually returned to the podium to get his mask after leaving an event on equal pay for women.

Biden also forgot his mask after signing his massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus spending bill.

At an event celebrating International Women’s Day, he also forgot his mask at the podium.

In February, Vice President Kamala Harris pointedly reminded the president to get his mask after he left it on the podium.


‘We’re Set’ — Joe Biden Breaks Social Distancing Guidelines at Vaccine Center

President Joe Biden offered a glimpse into his thinking Tuesday on Americans mingling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden commented during a visit to a vaccination site in Virginia to promote Americans getting the vaccine.

During his conversation with one woman, Biden leaned toward her and told her to keep practicing the CDC guidance during the pandemic.

“Keep wearing the mask, wash the hands, and socially distance, which I’m not doing,” he said as people around him laughed. “I’m going to get in trouble here.”

“Is this your second shot?” Biden asked the woman.

The woman told him that it was.

“Oh we’re set,” Biden replied. “I’ve had two as well.”

The CDC currently recommends that Americans continue wearing masks, remain six feet apart, and avoid crowds, even after they have been vaccinated.

Biden appeared to enjoy his visit with the people in the room, speaking to them about the importance of getting the vaccine and joking with them about the process.

Pointing at the cameras, Biden thanked them for getting their vaccine shots.

“You realize you got television, this matters, people see that you get the shot, it helps other people get the shot,” he said.

At one point, Biden approached a man getting a shot and put his hands on his shoulder as the shot was administered.

“Man you got biceps as big as my thigh,” Biden chuckled.

He also recalled when he and First Lady Jill Biden first got the vaccine.

“My wife – who doesn’t like needles, when we went and got the shot she was going like this. I said, ‘Honey, it’s over, it’s already in and out.’ There’s nothing to it,” he said.

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