February 28, 2021

COVID 1984: Vaccine Passports to Enter Pubs, Venues Being Considered by British Government

Feb 22, 2021 | ,

By Paul Joseph Watson

PM reveals plan despite previous denials.

Vaccine passports to enter pubs, restaurants and other venues are still under consideration as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a roadmap of when lockdown measures will be lifted.

Despite other European countries such as France, Germany and Italy easing restrictions far sooner, initial changes will see Brits only being allowed to sit on a bench with another person from next month.

Outdoor dining will not reopen until April 12 at the earliest, while indoor pubs and restaurants won’t be allowed to open for nearly 3 months.

The Prime Minister also revealed that “Covid status certification” is being studied, meaning that “vaccine passports could be required to enter pubs, restaurants and other venues,” reports the Daily Mail.

“The Government will also consider the ethical, equalities, privacy, legal and operational aspects of this approach and what limits, if any, should be placed on organisations using certification,” states the roadmap.

Despite the government claiming that the vaccine would not be mandatory and repeatedly denying that domestic passport certificates would be introduced, that very scenario is now being planned.

This means the vaccine would effectively be mandatory for anyone who wants to live a normal life.

Indications that international travel will also only be allowed via a vaccine passport mean that for the millions of people who can’t or won’t take the vaccine, they’ll effectively be under indefinite lockdown.

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