March 03, 2021

The Catholicizing of America

Jan 24, 2021 |

The Bible (KJV) says, “. . . Come hither; and I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: . . . and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, . . . And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: and upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” (Rev. 17: 1-6).

Up until the late 19th century and following the Protestants and Baptist, (Protestants denominations are those that were formed as a result of Catholics that protested against the Catholics unbiblical practices and the corruption of its leaders and so left Catholicism, but Baptist are not called Protestants because they were never in the Catholic church.) viewed the Great Whore mentioned in our texts as the Catholic church.

The Catholic church (really a cult) was seen as an abomination and anti-Christ. She was the church with a power of life and death in her hands and used that power especially during the Dark Ages, to persecute the Christians even unto torture, imprisonment and death.

In the 20th century and especially today, so-called, Evangelical movements with an agenda to Christianize the world, without personal faith in God, have now called Catholicism Christian, and have joined hands with the Catholics in order to fulfill their mission.

All the unbiblical methods invented and used by man today that bear the name Christian, are too numerous to list. Many are trying to do something in the name of Christ their own way, they are using every shortcut and anyone who will help them regardless of their religious views and unbiblical stance.

Catholicism hasn’t changed from what it was centuries ago. It is still not Christian. It is a personality cult that revolves around the Pope. During the Dark Ages Catholicism had control and ownership of most of Europe and at times England. The Catholic cult lost all its domains and retained only the 108 acres of Vatican City in 1929 in a treaty with Benito Mussolini.

But the Catholic cult has not been idle. It has never stopped seeking for power and control. Especially since WWII the Catholic cult has spread its tentacles around the world, not to convert the sinner and win him to Christ, but to get control of governments and work toward establishing Catholicism as a one world religion, which they will eventually do, for Catholicism is the one world religion during the Tribulation period.

Practically all of the third world country’s are predominantly Catholic. They will, and do remain third world country’s with a poverty-stricken populace, as long as Catholicism has any way to control their politics and economy. Catholicism is an oppressive and controlling religion that discourages individuality and independence and creativity. Though there are many Catholics that are independent and successful in America which is predominantly a Protestant nation with most of its populace exposed to a Christian form of thought, which encourages the “virtues of education, achievement, work ethic, merit, frugality, and honesty” which is the real force behind capitalism, third world country’s governed by a Catholic hierarchic (priest-rule) have no such encouragement.

True biblical Christianity which may still be observed in some Protestant denominations is still the true enemy of Catholicism and Catholicism is still the true enemy of biblical Christianity. Catholicism teaches that salvation is through baptism and works, and that the bread and wine at the Lord’s Supper are the actual blood and flesh of Christ (transubstantiation), just to name two of many false doctrines of this religious cult. Her teachings are the commandments of men and were propagated out of Hell. Catholicism is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and is the enemy of biblical Christianity, the enemy of Christ, and is therefore the servant of Satan.

As many third-world countries have been controlled by the Catholic cult for century’s, Catholicism has had her sights on America for years. Americans’ fear being taken over by socialism and communism and Islam, while the real threat to America is New Catholicism.
In the Catholic cult there is the traditional and conservative theology and the Liberation Theology which appeared in Catholicism after Vatican Council II. This Liberation theology was started by the Jesuits and is, Marxist and Communist in nature. They teach that capitalism is the enemy. This NEW Catholicism played a major role in the “revolutions” in Latin America (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Venezuela) counties that are governed now by dictators.

Catholicism has for many years had its sights on America, since it is the last strong hold of Protestantism and Capitalism. And we must remember that it was Protestantism that created Capitalism. And it’s sensible to believe they will accomplish this sooner or later since in the end Catholicism will be the religion of the Tribulation period. Catholicism has made many inroads into politics and softening, and chipping away at the Protestant’s power in America. The numerous tactics used in their design to overthrow America are too many to mention here. But they have made public their desire to get rid of biblical Christianity so they can reign supreme.

“Father” Patrick O’Brien writing in L’ Aurora, in 1950 announced: “We, the Hierarchy of the Holy Catholic Church, if necessary shall change, amend, or blot out the present Constitution of America so that the President may enforce his, or rather our, humanitarian program and all phases of human rights laid down by our saintly Popes and the Holy Mother Church . . . (Our current President is a Catholic and his party is for the most part Catholic and many in the Supreme Court are Catholic and they have shown that they have no respect for the Constitution. Those who voted for the Democrats or for Socialism voted Catholicism in as a national religion.) We are going to have our laws made and enforced according to the Holy See and the Popes and the canon law of the Papal Throne. Our entire structure must be rebuilt on that basis. . . . We will control America and we do not propose to stop until America or Americans are genuinely Roman Catholic and remain so.” (Emphases mine.)

Malachi Martin, a Catholic theologian wrote about Catholic Liberal theology saying, “Liberal theology was an elaborate and carefully worked out system, but its core principle is very simple: The whole and only meaning of Christianity as a religion comes down to one achievement —the liberation of men and women, by armed and violent revolution if necessary, from the economic, social, and political slavery IMPOSED ON THEM BY U. S. CAPITALISM. . . . There is one enemy—capitalist classes, middle, and upper and lower, chiefly located in the United States.” Catholicism is set on “deprotestantizing” the world.
Since Protestants are for the most part biblical Christians, Christians by faith in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation, when the Rapture takes place the world will be “deprotestantized.”

Those who oppose God’s plan and will, do not realize how they are actually working toward its fulfillment.

We have probably more so today than ever more Catholics in places of political and judicial power than ever in America’s history. We cannot expect them to not let their ideals have a major role in their decision making.

One should read Fox’s Book of Martyrs to get an idea of how Catholicism rule when she was in both political and religious authority during the Middle Ages (Dark Ages). She hasn’t changed.
To get a better and more thorough understanding about the catholicizing of America get Ronald Cooke’s tract, Liberation Theology and the Romanizing of The United States, from Gospel Missions P.O. Box 318 Choteau MT. 59422-0318.

James H. Cagle

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