February 28, 2021

The Lies, The Fraud, The Damage

Jan 24, 2021 |

Lies are being exposed and the curtain is being pulled back. If we value our families and our lives, left or right, white or black, we are stronger together. Our survival depends on whether we walk together or alone. We can over come this attack on our freedoms. If we stop wasting time. These tyrants are on a fast track, Will we stay asleep?

CDC openly admits to lying about the covid death numbers. It is not even speculation anymore. We all knew it, well, those of us who are able to think for ourselves, seen thru this dog and pony show from its conception. It is all apart of their plan, create a crisis by lying about “a deadly virus” lie about the death count, which you can be certain the number is substantially lower than what we are being told. Keep up the fake positive test results. Continue to lock down the population, based on inaccurate, incomplete data, keep the people terrorized by fearmongers, and the lying media, until all their cherished freedoms are dissolved. The sole objective here is control. The disease body count is not the sole concern we should have about the Chinese contagion, but it is undeniably the primary driver of the rampant mass hysteria that has allowed state and local governments across America to crush our cherished civil liberties and devastate the family unit. Crushing our entire Nation, which will ultimately kill millions of men women, and children.

Except for their family members of course. We are just sucking up all the resources that only their families are entitled to. When will people understand that they don’t care about us, they don’t care if our children suffer or starve. This is the evil we face right now and unless we retake our power, we are sure to perish.

It is when good men know the crimes being waged against us, but do nothing to stop it, is how we fall. They see our suffering as a victory and enjoy inflicting misery onto us. This will continue until it is stopped. There is a saying “So proudly the claim what is not theirs to take”. If you allow a thief into your home you can be certain of one thing, you will get robbed. I hope everyone, left or right, that loves their children, will become aware of what we stand to lose. We are all Americans. And this is still a country worth fighting for. We can go back to our separate corners after we rid this country of its filth.

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