February 28, 2021

Medical Tyranny is Population Control

Jan 24, 2021 |

Let’s clear this up and talk straight with the American people, finally, and by the end of this article, you will have a clearer picture of what “truth” really looks like. Because you won’t find it on CNN or any other fake information outlet on TV today. All Fauci, or the CDC, has to do, is answer one simple question, and they won’t answer it. Either you have the virus “isolated”, or you don’t. Because If you don’t, nothing you say matters. So, that means, none of the “reported” numbers on covid deaths are legitimate, or even true.

They are made up! Made up by Fauci, the CDC, and any other agency reporting the numbers of both death and positive test results. Made up by medical professionals and many others, who do not have your best interests in mind. So then you would ask yourself, well if they can’t prove they have the virus isolated, how can Fauci and others get on the world stage and claim they have a vaccine for a virus that they can’t even prove exists? Well, they can, and are. They lie. Then, what do the sheeple do? They line up to get vaccinated. Vaccinated from what? If they do not have the virus isolated, they can’t create a vaccine to kill it. So, now let’s move onto these fake PCR tests that are producing all these positive test results. First, the PCR tests should not be used to determine if someone has the virus because any PCR tests that are done, are done at 34 cycles or higher. Cycles are the times its been dilluted, and that isn’t even from a suspected infected person. That is from an RNA sample, from a suspected infected person. The so-called professionals even suggested it be run at 40 to 45 cycles. That like placing a single grain of rice in a dishwasher, then run it thru the cycle 40 to 45 times to check if the water got it wet. You will have your positive test result running it thru all those cycles. But they still, to this very day, have not proven that the virus exists. There is a reason they do not answer the question of having it isolated. Because they don’t. That is the Con & the hustle. This vaccine and what is happening to the people who have gotten it, are being grossly hidden. To a degree of criminality. Decide at your own risk. Do your homework and research. The more you know, the less they can hurt you. It is obvious that we can not trust any agency or those in our corrupt government.

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