February 28, 2021

Microsoft Patent Approved For AI Tech Impersonating Deceased Individuals

Jan 23, 2021 | ,


Microsoft has moved forward with a patent to create chatbots capable of mimicking the personality of a specific person. The tech giant received permission for the patent earlier this month after initially filing for the license in 2017.

Microsoft’s goal is to create artificial intelligence generated from individual personalities, dead or alive, based off of social media data, electronic messages and other forms of personal information. The company plans to use images and video data to make their avatars more realistic.

Several start-up companies are already working on technology capable of creating 3D holograms.

“Our software allows for the simultaneous capture of multiple people across different locations in real time,” Javier Bello, founder and CEO of Imverse said. “This capture can be integrated into games, teleconferencing applications, education platforms, that are built with the standard 3D content creation software.”

Bello went on to say tech companies have shown great interest in the software as it can be applied in the education, telehealth and entertainment fields.

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