March 03, 2021

Stolen Voices (poem)

Jan 23, 2021 |

Stolen Voices
Their voices were stolen,
Before they could even speak,
Not one word could they utter,
They were defenseless and weak.

Their voices were stolen.
But what would they say,
Those murdered in the womb,
If they’d speak to us today?

I am a human being to,
Though a tiny one at that.
I have thoughts and feelings,
And could one day swing a bat.

It’s not my fault that I am here,
It was my parent’s choice.
Why should I be destroyed,
Just ‘cause they changed their choice?

I am an individual,
I’m not part of my mother’s body.
I have my very own body.
I really am somebody.

My hands and feet are perfect,
My eyes blue, my hair red.
You’ll not get to cherish them,
If you do that which I dread.

For though I’m just a little guy,
I’m able to feel pain to.
I scream when I’m torn apart,
In the horror you put me through.

I indeed am very special,
For in God’s image I am made.
I have body, soul, and spirit,
May this fact your mind persuade.

Why is it true some animals,
Are respected more than me?
Men go to jail for killing them,
But not for killing me.

Who knows what pride and joy I’d bring,
If you’d just let me live?
How I’d adore and caress your face,
If you would let me live to give?

Instead of tearing me apart,
My little fingers you would hold.
My tiny toes you would tweak,
And thank God I hadn’t been sold.

You’d see me as a special gift,
Sent down from Heaven above.
A gift to cherish all your life,
And glad you hadn’t disposed of.

But my voice has been stolen.
The things I would I cannot say.
You can speak, but will you please,
And protect my life today?
James H. Cagle ©

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