February 24, 2021

I Was Almost Born (poem)

Jan 23, 2021 |

I Was Almost Born

I was almost born,
I almost made it out of the womb.
But the day before my birthday,
My torn body was put in the storage room.

I was a human being,
My body was completely formed.
For nine months I thought I was loved,
But then my abortion was performed.

I thought my person had value,
But my parts were bought by somebody.
So the day before my birthday,
They tore me apart to sell my body.

Since I was fully formed,
My body felt all of the pain,
As I was drawn and quartered,
And sold for monetary gain.

I guess I should be thankful,
That I was good for something.
But given the right to life,
Would’ve been better than my butchering.

Yes, I was almost born,
My birthday was one day away.
But the law said they could murder me,
The day before my birthday.

I was almost born.
But I was trapped and could not hide.
When my mom would not defend me,
My body they began to divide.

Yes, I was almost born,
But my twin that made it outside,
Was not loved or cared for either,
And they committed infanticide.

You cannot harm the sea turtle
Nor can you crush the eagle’s egg.
If you do you’ll go to jail,
But not for tearing off my little legs.

Yes, I was almost born,
At Planned Parenthood I died.
With my body they made a killing.
For my body they grappled and plied.

Yes, I was almost born,
Though robbed of life I’m not the loser.
And those who marketed my body,
Will find one day I’m their accuser.

I was almost born here.
You killed my body but not my soul.
For I have gone to be with Jesus,
Where I am loved, happy, and whole.
James H. Cagle ©

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