March 03, 2021

Is Gender Fluid Real?

Jan 23, 2021 |

Is Gender Fluid Real ?
The Bible (KJV) says, “So god created man in his own image, . . . male and female created he them” (Gen. 1: 27).
We’re living in the day when more people are changing their sex, supposedly, and are in transition from one sex to the other.
The Bible tells us that God made male and female (Gen.1:27). Anything in between is a perversion by sinful man.
But when a man or woman come to the conclusion and have convinced themselves that God has made a mistake and has put them as a female in a male body or as a male in a female body they become trans-gender and work toward actually experiencing what they’ve come to believe they are but really aren’t.
(I was at one time a male in a female body, but then my mother gave birth to me.)
But God makes no mistakes and He doesn’t create something that is an abomination to Him (Lev.18:23).
Homosexuality is a choice rather than an inherited trait as so many seem to think. No one is born homosexual, they’re taught homosexuality. There is no “gay gene.”
Many people have homosexual tendencies, an attraction to their own sex. This doesn’t mean they need to see a psychologist or any other doctor. This tendency is nothing more than the sinful nature being tempted to do that which God has forbidden. The practicing homosexual is the one that yielded to the temptation and lives in sin.
The trans-gender’s transformation process may include taking hormone blocker’s, the hormones of their opposite sex, plastic surgery, and the change of their sex organ. These make them in appearance like the opposite sex, but if they were born men naturally they will die men, and if they were born women naturally they will die women, because we cannot change what God has made us to be. You can change the plumbing but not the person.
The difference between a male and female lies much deeper than just in their reproductive organs or their plumbing, if you will. There’s a difference in temperament, disposition and the way they think. One can’t become the opposite sex by simple changing body parts. It doesn’t matter how womanly a man may appear to be physically, he will always have manly instincts. And no matter how manly a woman may appear to be she will always have womanly instincts. In acting like the opposite sex they must constantly suppress these natural instincts and in so doing will live miserable lives.
But the trans-genders transformation is never completed and they never actually become what they set out to be. They constantly deny their true identity and are incapable of being real with anyone, including themselves. Those who thought they were a female in a male body, or a male in a female body, after their surgery to change their sex organ discover they are still a male but now in a female body, or still a female but now in a male body. What confusion. There’s no such thing as a happy homosexual. Amorality does not lead to happiness. The suicide rate is very high among homosexuals.
So-called “gays” pay a high price for their immoral life style and they receive in themselves “that recompense of their error which was meet (or due) (Rom.1:27b). Homosexuals suffer from venereal diseases, pneumocystis, Kaposi’s sarcoma ( a form of cancer) and AIDS, haunting guilt, mental and emotional disturbances, and abnormal personality changes.
What’s truly fluid is our character. And we through the choices we make are forming our character (Rom.1:21-32). We make our choices, and our choices make us. But our gender is unchangeable, regardless of what we do to ourselves, and how we abuse ourselves. What God created us to be is what we’ll be throughout eternity, and we’re never happy being anything else. And when those who’ve changed their sex receive their immortal body after death they will return to their original sex, the one they were born with.
Like every other sinner, a homosexual can be saved and delivered from their sin if they repent of their sin and by faith receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior (Jn. 3:16).
James H. Cagle

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