February 28, 2021

Nebraska North Central District Health Dept Moves Forward With Vaccinations

Jan 21, 2021 | ,

(KVHT) – Nebraska’s North Central District Health Department, which includes Antelope, Knox, Pierce and Holt Counties, says that the vaccine supply in those counties has been low. However, the department is happy with how the process is going and have successfully vaccinated most of their health care workers. Now they are getting ready to move to the next phase of vaccinations, which includes the 75 plus population. Carol Doolittle, public information officer for the district, said the registration rollout for the 65 plus population will begin in February. Doolittle also said residents in the department’s health district can visit their website to fill out important forms regarding the vaccination process. She says the phases are all mapped out adding that there’s a survey attached to each phase and asks folks what category they belong in. There’s also an option for the general public to be able to fill out a survey if they want to be on a list but don’t yet qualify for a vaccination.

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