March 01, 2021

A Look Into Trump’s Failed Final Days As President

Jan 20, 2021 |

By Kelen McBreen

Anti-Trump rapper and crooked Democrat politician pardoned… But not Assange or Snowden.

“Drain the swamp” Executive Order rescinded hours before leaving office.

During President Donald Trump’s last couple of days in office, he made multiple major mistakes instead of finishing his term on a strong note.

After touting a list of 100 Americans to be pardoned, the individuals who made the cut largely did not reflect what his base had been calling for.

Neither WikiLeaks Julian Assange nor whistleblower Edward Snowden was pardoned, and instead, POTUS rewarded multiple rappers and political operatives.

Ironically, one rapper he granted clemency to, Kodak Black, even released a music video in 2017 showing a man choking a Trump supporter wearing a Make America Hate Again Hat.

Trump also commuted the sentence of former Detroit, Michigan Democrat Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who had served 7 years of a 28-year sentence.

Kilpatrick was convicted on 24 counts of extortion, mail fraud, tax violations and racketeering in 2013.

One of the president’s last actions was to rescind an Executive Order he signed eight days into his term as a part of his “drain the swamp” platform.

The order, which prevented government officials from becoming lobbyists for five years after leaving their administration positions, also banned former administration officials from ever registering as a “foreign agent” of another country.

However, on January 20, The White House declared, “Employees and former employees subject to the commitments in Executive Order 13770 will not be subject to those commitments after noon January 20, 2021.”

In what was thought to be a good move, POTUS ordered the release of documents related to the controversial Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

However, Trump allowed the FBI to keep much of the information classified.

WND reports, “Trump said that the attorney general has conducted a review to ensure that all of the redactions of classified information have been applied and that they are legally allowed to be disclosed by the White House.”

Not to mention, the president failed to successfully fight back against the open theft of the 2020 election and allowed the globalists to install a literal Chinese agent as US president.

POTUS turned his back on America without so much as a whimper.

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