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My Name is Legion

Jan 20, 2021 |

My Name is Legion
The Bible (KJV) says, “For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit. And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many” (Mk.5:8,9).

In our text we have the story about The Maniac or Demoniac of Gadara.

This man was demon possessed, or another way of saying it, he was full of devils. The leader of this possession was named Legion because there were many in this man. A legion can be up to 6,000. This man was possessed by those angelic beings that with Satan had rebelled against God and were confined to earth or bound in hell, until their “time” of judgment at the Great White Throne (Rev.20:10-15).

The fact that this man was possessed by up to 6,000 demons, which are spiritual beings, tells us that spirits do not take up space. If they did, that many individual, personal beings, couldn’t dwell in this man.

One of the things that proved he was demon possessed, was his living or “dwelling among the tombs”; among the dead (Mk.5:2,3). The demons had usurped his will and drove him to a place they preferred which was in the grave yard.

It would be worth noting that today there’s an infatuation with grave yards and the dead and departed spirits and communicating with them. One way of becoming demon possessed is opening the door into that evil dimension which God strictly forbade us to enter (Deut.18:9).

Another thing that proved he was demon possessed was his supernatural strength (Mk.5:3,4; Acts 19:15,16). He could break chains, and had done so on as many occasions as the citizens bound him.

Man cannot naturally break chains because he hasn’t naturally the strength to break steel. But demons have supernatural strength and they can exert their strength through a human being and break steel chains. Because of the violent nature of the demons that possessed him, the man was violent to those around him.

And yet another thing that proved this man was demon possessed was he could not be tamed (vs.4). To make him tame would mean to get him to become reasonable and civilized. They couldn’t harness his physical powers or his mental powers for they were both given over to the devil. No psychiatrist could help him.

Another proof that this man was demon possessed was his self-mutilation. He roamed the mountains and tombs, “cutting himself with stones” (vs.5). He was dead set on destroying himself. Today people are dead set on destroying themselves with drugs, and mutilating their bodies by covering them with tattoos and body piercing.

This demon possessed man was also naked, he “ware (wore) no clothes” (Lk.8:27). Even so today people are wearing less and less clothes.
When the man came to Jesus he didn’t speak, but the demon did, and asked that Jesus not torment them or send them out of country (vs.7,10). When Jesus spoke He didn’t speak at first to the man, but directly to the demons in the man (vs.8,9,13).

After Jesus healed this man he sat with the others that were crowded around Jesus’ feet, with clothes on, and in his right mind (vs.15). He was conscious of himself and aware of his surroundings for the first time in a very long time. He was himself again by the mighty touch of God.

Jesus spoke to the man personally the first time after the demons had been cast out, and told him to go and share his story with others (vs.19).
Do I believe unsaved people can be possessed with demons or devils today? Absolutely. But they can be delivered by renouncing their allegiance to Satan and their involvement in occult craft and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone and His shed blood for their salvation.

As Christian influence has waned because of the worldly state of the church there’s increasing evidence of demonic activity. As America turns from God and more people worship Satan, there will be more evidence of demonic activity in our country as we’re seeing today. May God send us revival.
James H. Cagle

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