March 03, 2021

Abacoa man gets 38 years for killing wife

Jan 15, 2021 | ,

JUPITER, Florida -The sentencing for a man who admitted to murdering his wife in Abacoa turned emotional.

“You are pure evil,” said  Sarah Carey, the sister of Gretchen Anthony. “You are a monster.”

David Anthony, 44, took a plea deal for second degree murder of his significant other. He revealed to Circuit Court Judge Kirk Volker and the casualty’s family there’s no reason for what he did except for he offered a clarification regarding why it occurred.

Anthony addressed the court, saying he’s reminded of Gretchen consistently.

“Is there anything I can say to comfort a young lady who lost a mother?” he inquired.

The judge at that point condemned Anthony to 38 years in jail. The prosecutor says he should serve at any rate 85 percent of that time prior to being qualified for such an early release.

“I’ve created irreparable damage in the world of people who loved me,” Anthony said during the sentencing.

He fought back tears as he discussed murdering his wife, Gretchen Anthony, last March.

“My addiction to and abuse of medicinal-grade marijuana combined with untreated mental health issues further fueled a chain reaction that led from one tragic event to the next,” Anthony said.

Gretchen Anthony disappeared last March, half a month after she sought legal separation. A neighbor heard a scream from the Anthony’s home on March 21. Police captured David Anthony in New Mexico.

“There’s no reason ever for what I’ve done,” Anthony said.


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