February 28, 2021

South Dakota Legislators Working On Next State Budget

Jan 14, 2021 | ,

(KVHT) – State Lawmakers are in Pierre preparing to work on the budget for 2022. While many states are struggling with money, South Dakota lawmakers said they have the opposite problem. A $224 million surplus is a good problem to have in a pandemic. Yankton Senator Jean Hunhoff (R) said that’s more than she has ever seen during her tenure in the legislature. House Majority Leader Kent Peterson (R) said both sides will work to find a way to spread the money in a fiscally viable way. Peterson said the governor proposed her budget back in December and talked about key areas where she would like to use the money. Areas like the state’s infrastructure and spending $100 million for broadband across South Dakota. He adds that when you have one-time dollars like this it’s best to find uses that can leverage other dollars, like tapping into publc-private partnership situations. Lawmakers have until July 1st to finalize the ins and outs.

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