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LCS Experience Stresses of On-line Student Learning

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By Carol A. Gasser Moore

LANIER COUNTY, Georgia – This week, all Lanier County School (LCS) students with very rare exceptions, the end of their first semester of the 2020-21 school year with the stress of technology aided on-line learning, instead of the more familiar in-person instruction.  Last week students picked up their Chrome Books and prepared for a week of hybrid on-line learning.  Students will maintain their full day schedule on-line the week of Monday, January 11th.  It’s been an extraordinary school year!

On Tuesday, January 19th, virtual LCS students will return to school.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the LCS Board decided to create a home quarantine for the two weeks following major holiday celebrations.  With this schedule, it was hoped that students or their family members, who might have been exposed to the virus, would get through it away from school and not ‘share the wealth’ of poor health at school.

For most LCS students and their teachers, virtual learning is still new.  During the fall, most students were learning in person at their respective schools.  A few went into quarantine and were served through distance learning on-line.  This is the first in a continuing series on how Lanier County families are confronting the learning challenges created by the coronavirus crisis.

With the closing of Lanier School in-person campus instruction for a full week, students are at home, following their teachers on Google Classroom and navigating lessons and projects on their own. When the Lanier County School Board made the decision, they worked hard to make certain that all students had tablets or laptops, reliable internet access and quiet places to study. They also worked with parents when some were concerned about student supervision at home while their parent was at work.

Lanier County overall is very lucky since the county has experienced ongoing low rates of citizens who have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.  The Lanier County School system has certainly done its fair share to provide instruction and meet student learning needs as well as create as much of a virus free learning environment as possible.


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