January 23, 2021

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Indian River County Deputy fired for using excessive force

Jan 13, 2021 | ,

VERO BEACH, Florida – A now-previous corrections deputy with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office is blamed for utilizing unreasonable power on a detainee, and it was gotten on camera.

Keefe Roman, 39, faces a charge of battery on a detainee following his capture on a warrant from the State Attorney’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said the episode began as a verbal trade between the detainee and Roman on Dec. 10, 2020.

As indicated by the sheriff’s office, Roman depicted the prisoner as being rude to him, so he put the detainee in break. He caused him to sit on a seat inside a room. Roman stayed in the entryway and proceeded to “draw in with the detainee,” the sheriff’s office said.

Specialists said the verbal question proceeded with when Roman showered the detainee with pepper splash. Roman said he did it “to evade any demonstration of expected savagery from happening.” But before the primary impact of pepper splash, the sheriff’s office said the detainee stayed situated with his hands in his lap and seemed to take no forceful actions toward the representative.

The sheriff’s office said Roman splashed the prisoner again with pepper shower, figuring the main portion didn’t have any impact. Roman splashed the prisoner a third time. From that point onward, Roman made sure about the detainee who must be taken to the clinical unit for treatment.

Agents captured Roman on Monday. He left prison on bond that evening.

Roman had been on authoritative leave since mid-December until Sheriff Eric Flowers terminated him on Tuesday.

“Our agents are entrusted with the obligation of utilizing power in a reasonable way. I anticipate that my group should utilize power, when important, in a way reliable with our arrangements, the law, and the norm of sensibility. At the point when that is done, I will uphold their activities. In any case, that was not the situation here. This now previous worker didn’t fulfill the high guidelines of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.”

Roman had been with the sheriff’s office since September. He filled in as a prison guard with another organization before his employing in Indian River County.

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