March 01, 2021

Tokyo Residents Back President Trump, Say If Biden Wins China Wins

Nov 26, 2020 |


Thousands of Japanese supporters of President Trump rallied in central Tokyo to say the U.S. election is far from over.

On Wednesday, Tokyo citizens took to the streets to state if Joe Biden wins, China wins and it won’t be good for Japan.

Demonstrators said American mainstream media is ignoring the evidence of Democrat voter fraud, while the Japanese public appears to be better informed. They added President Trump must win re-election to ensure a better future for the Asia-Pacific and U.S. Japanese ties.

“Today, we held a demonstration march in Tokyo to support President Trump from Japan,” President Trump supporter Takao Furuyama said. “This is the support of President Trump of the United States, and it is about the election in the United States, but I think this is a big issue that affects peace in Japan and peace in the world.”

Japanese citizens also said the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ tried to buy political influence across the world and only President Trump can stop that.

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