November 25, 2020

Cheney, Kansas. Change [your]LOCATION


Nov 20, 2020 | ,

Tuesday, the LCSD received a call from a hunter who had fallen out of a tree stand and broke his leg in the J. Perry Mikles Wildlife Management Area south of Magazine. The Sheriff’s Dept. was able to use the mans cell phone location to find him. Arkansas Game and Fish Wildlife Officer, and Logan County E.M.S also assisted in locating the injured hunter. He was out in the woods and he was carried on a stretcher by several to a 4×4 truck. The truck transported him out of the woods to the ambulance. He was in very good spirits and was transported to the hospital without incident.

This is a good reminder about hunting safety. It was fortunate that the hunter had his cell phone and had cell phone service. There are plenty of locations in our county where there is no cell service. Please make sure you have family or friends who know where you are hunting so in case an accident happens, they can help us locate you. Also, remember to be extra careful entering and exiting tree stands (especially the climbing tree stands as was used in this incident) and in handling your firearm or bow while entering and exiting the stand. This is great weather to hunt in and we hope you have a successful season!

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