November 25, 2020

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NY Farm Bureau reports minor price increase for 2020 Thanksgiving dinner

Nov 20, 2020 | ,

New York Farm Bureau’s 2020 Market Basket Survey shows the price of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner saw a modest uptick from last year’s meal. The average total price, which includes a 16-pound turkey and other common items found on a holiday dinner table, is $49.23 or a $2.86 increase over last year.

Turkey prices are about $1.41 per pound in New York State, which is about an 11% increase over last year’s average price in this informal survey. Prices found by volunteer shoppers ranged from $.68/lb. to $1.69/lb. This price is above the national average of $1.21/lb. As we move closer to Thanksgiving, turkey prices may continue to drop in the stores, reflecting sales in the final days before the holiday.

The survey highlights that the classic meal remains affordable with a price point of under five dollars per person for a 10-person meal. The affordability demonstrates that although farmers and ranchers dealt with significant issues this year related to market and distribution disruptions due to the pandemic, consumers are still benefiting from relatively low retail prices, in part because the actual cost of the food – the portion paid to farmers – is only eight cents of each dollar consumers spend on food at the store.

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