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Kitchen Design Trends 2020

Oct 28, 2020 | ,

Advances in technology and changes in social behavior contributed to the ascent of the modern-day kitchen. The kitchens of today are multifunctional; easy to maintain and work in, brings people together, durable, and trendy.

Most homeowners don’t have the luxury of a big kitchen space, but small can be stunning. There are challenges in limited space like fashioning a functional and chic space, however, both are doable.

Get some inspirations from these 2020 kitchen design trends to make a sparkling gem from your outmoded cooking space.

Calming Paint Colors

Like music, color is a language it expresses motifs and moods instead of words to voice them. Certain colors bring personality to specific rooms in the home, their shades do the talking. Brush your kitchen with shades of white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green to build a warm and welcoming space.

Red stirs the appetite, perfect for a kitchen that prepares delectable dishes to fill the craving. There are various tints which could really pop, be it on custom cabinets or walls.

Do you want to start the day right? Step into a kitchen that’s painted white and you’ll feel energized, fresh, clean, and raring to go the minute you walk in. Add more zest with white or bright colors on your countertops and backsplash.

Gray is considered too cold, but with the right shade, it can bring wonders to your kitchen. It is a neutral color that blends well with myriad colors. Use gray as a base on your walls or color your countertops and cabinets it will come out looking lovely.

Lighter shades of blue fit well in warm climates because it feels refreshing, cool, and comforting. You’ll love it on kitchen cabinetry and a great accent to ceilings or walls. Use blue sparingly otherwise, it will overwhelm a space.

Brighten your kitchen with yellow; it makes people happy, calm, and hungry. A good choice for a small space yellow will make it bigger. The color is a good match for white marble, white cabinets, and concrete countertops.

Shades of green like mint and apple green will blend well with white and wood highlights. Experience a jolt of energy with emerald green as an accent on the wall, cabinetry, and floor.

Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets break up monotony, adding contrast and visual attraction to your kitchen. It will give you the chance to be a bit adventurous giving you something that you will appreciate over the years. Different tones of the upper and lower cabinets have become trendy.

This runs well when you want to ground the base cabinets by applying a dark color or bring down the ceiling for a homely feeling with dark colors on the top custom cabinets.

Disrupt the monotone of natural wood color by painting some top or bottom cabinets with a light shade of red or blue.

Think of combining shades on the wall with your cabinetry. Highlighting two-toned cabinets with a color from the wall is a great idea.

Smart Storage

Open shelves bring out lots of storage space to hold serving platters, pots, and pans within arms reach.

Organize your pantry with shelves, pullout bins, and shallow drawers to keep everything organized.

Store your pots in a handy drawer instead of a risky position piled in the back of a cabinet. Consider a drawer with two detached sections; a shallow roll out at the top for keeping pot holders, tripods, and lids and a deep drawer at the base for storing big pots.

Use dividers in your utensil drawer to separate knives, spoons, forks, and spices.

Add storage to the kitchen island with deep and shallow drawers.

Vertical pullout spice racks are the answer to a kitchen with limited space. They provide plenty of space and protect the spices from the light which reduces the flavor.

Modern Twists

Modern kitchen designs are characterized as less traditional and more contemporary.

Granite tabletops, smooth wood floors, and skillfully crafted wooden furniture featuring the current design are often seen in modern-day kitchens.

Trendy fixtures and other design trimmings can produce the looks of a contemporary kitchen. Replace the doors of your custom cabinets with frosted glass or symmetrical laminate to update its appearance. Your mixer, microwave oven, coffee maker, and other kitchen equipment have the face of science fiction. Cookware, flatware, and other utensils have modern twists in shape and modern colors.

Add a backsplash, aside from keeping splatters and spills in check it has the potential to be the most striking component in the room.

Minimalist lighting with a modern scheme sets the tone for your space and provides lighting for cooking, working, or dining.

Replace your eyesore floor with oak planks, polished concrete, or marble tiles that work with your budget. The light floor will make a small kitchen look spacious and serve as a counterpoint to dark custom cabinets.

Compact Design

Most of us have a small kitchen space, but it’s not that bad. Size does not matter, with creative design ideas and small-space solutions, you have this covered.

Bring down those top cabinets that have no place in a small kitchen. Replace with open shelves and pare down your kitchen stuff. It’s much easier to access kitchen wares and you’ll be astonished by the additional space.

Organize your cabinets, space is a premium in a small kitchen. Use the hidden spaces in your cabinets; consider vertical cabinets, spice-sorting systems, and anything that will optimize storage.

Install a floating table for an extra counter to work on kitchen chores or dining. It can be folded and flush to the wall when not used.

Light colors will make the small kitchen look spacious. A bright palette on countertops, walls, or backsplashes will help make it more open. Think of white which will reflect light and make the kitchen appear larger.

Clutter makes a space messy and looks smaller. Get rid of unnecessary food containers, mismatched dishware, and other kitchen stuff.


The function of kitchen dining-islands depends on the way you’ll use it. For storage and countertop space, an enclosure with cabinets does the trick. Add some stools for sitting so you and your guest are comfy eating while having a private tête-à-tête.

Combine contemporary and traditional style with a rustic kitchen island. It won’t hurt your pocket if you hit thrift markets for your wood materials. This serves as a focal point in your space and blends well with smooth light color walls, exposed floating shelves, and lucent lighting.

Turn the kitchen island to a partial room divider. Instead of floating it places the island right against the wall. Opt for a metallic top to make your interiors pop and go for a coated gold finish.

If you are one who goes for continuity, blend it in. Avoid the island from disrupting the flow of the kitchen. Use the same wood materials and finish as the custom cabinets and floor.

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