November 28, 2020

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PA National Guard deployed to Philadelphia fearing second night of violent riots over deadly cop shooting

Oct 27, 2020 | ,

‘We were hoping that we won’t have any repeat of we’ve seen last night and we’re taking every precaution that we can,’ Mayor Jim Kenney said

The Pennsylvania National Guard has been deployed to Philadelphia as the city braces for a second night of violent riots Tuesday following tense confrontations between angry demonstrators and police hours after two officers fatally shot a Black man.

Several hundred Guardsmen will assist local agencies in “protecting life, property and the right to peacefully assemble and protest,” Lt. Col. Keith Hickox said in a statement Tuesday. “We are able to conduct operations in support of civil authorities to enhance local law enforcement’s ability to provide continued public safety and critical infrastructure security.”

The move by Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, to activate the Guard is a departure from other Democratic governors who have been hesitant or slow to mobilize troops amid unfolding unrest.

The Philadelphia Police Department will also beef up its presence across the city in anticipation of possible unrest over the death of Walter Wallace Jr., 27, city leaders said.

“For today and this evening, we anticipate the chance of additional incidents of civil unrest and, as such, we will be taking additional steps to ensure order,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said during a news conference along with Mayor Jim Kenney and city leaders.

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