September 20, 2020

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Sep 16, 2020 |

Former Army Ranger harassed by Las Vegas nurse offended over face mask

A video shot by a retired US Army Ranger captured the incredible moment an airline passenger remarked he should’ve died fighting for the country in Afghanistan after she was offended by his lack of a face mask.
In footage uploaded to Instagram, veteran Army Ranger Patrick Achuff highlights a fellow female passenger, described in the tweet as a “crazy Las Vegas nurse,” apparently upset over Achuff’s inability to wear a face mask properly due to PTSD.


“You should’ve died over there in Afghanistan,” the woman tells him, shaking her head as he films her.

“Did you hear her? Telling me I should’ve died over in Afghanistan? Hell yeah, lady!” Achuff says, asking her to repeat the comment.

Achuff, who’s seen wearing a Make America Great Again mask in the video, elaborated on the incident in an Instagram post:

[Here]’s the video of the lady telling me I should of died in Afghanistan amongst screaming about my white privilege while waiting to board my #americanairlines flight 2609

She asked me to put my mask on and I did then she lost her fucking cool with me about it not being on my nose and I then tried to let her know about my struggles with anxiety/ptsd/confinement issues which causes trouble with the mask and she spews off with how I should of died over there and fuck me and I’m a piece of shit.

She’s a pediatrics nurse in Las Vegas, if anyone can help me find her that would be cool. Im sure her boss would love to see this and what a shining example for children she is. 1f919-1f3fb AIRLINE PASSENGER TELLS VETERAN, “YOU SHOULD’VE DIED IN AFGHANISTAN” AMID MASK DISPUTE U.S. [your]NEWS

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