August 13, 2020

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Pre-licensing course for permit holding drivers resuming online in New York

Jul 31, 2020 | ,

Earlier this week, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that DMV licensed driving schools can now conduct distance learning Pre-Licensing Courses.

The academic portion of instruction that drivers permit holding motorists must take before getting their drivers licenses, the Pre-Licensing Course, also known as the ‘5-hour course’, is now going digital.

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, driving schools across the state have been unable to offer the course to students.

In order to safely meet the demand for driver training while adhering to social distancing guidelines, the State Department of Motor Vehicles has now issued guidance to driving schools, allowing them to conduct Pre-Licensing Courses using established and secure web-conferrencing technology, such as Zoom, WebEx, Go To Meeting and Skype.

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