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5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Summer Stunning Space

Jun 29, 2020 | ,

Summer is here and now, more than ever, making the best out of what you already have at home is a must! Sometimes, the backyard gets overlooked, using it just as a playground or setting a grill in a corner for when you host a barbeque.
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However, you can bring your backyard to the next level by making some wise decisions that require just a bit of ingenuity and your best DIY skills. Here are some great ideas to make your backyard the perfect place to enjoy the summer days.

Turn the Garden Shed into a Bar

If you or your family members rarely use the garden shed, then it’s time to make some changes. You can set up a bar with some space inside for people to come in, or just create an outside bar. Whichever way you go, it is definitely recommended that you install some shelves, where you can have your favorite drinks and your glasses. If getting a sink installed makes things too complicated, you can always get disposable cups to make things easier.

In order to build the window for your bar, one of the easiest options is to simply cut a piece of one of the walls of your garden shed. By installing hinges you can open and close your bar, protecting it from the elements and giving it a very nice look.

Choose the Best Colors for Your Patio

It’s all about making things look bright by choosing colors that you like and that is a good match for this outdoor space. You can get a patio that looks almost like taken out of a hotel design by picking the right colors. Colors such a rustic red are perfect for warm patios, especially if you have some trees or brown décor. If you have a patio with structures made out of concrete or cement, a touch of purple could make it more inviting. A cool blue will have a similar effect.

Make Plants Your Privacy Screen

Plants can be more than décor when it comes to backyards. You can select the right type of plants to make sure you have all the privacy you want when you want to spend some time outdoors without leaving your home. Fargesia bamboos are a great example of a type of plant you can use to create a natural screen.
You can also go with boxwood, which is one of the most classical choices out there. They are easy to maintain and can make your patio look very fancy. Lastly, Italian Buckthorn is a great alternative as it grows very quickly and vertically, making it perfect for any wall.

Bring the Movie Theater to Your Backyard

Going to the movies can be quite a hassle, especially if you have a big family. While watching a movie at home is easier, some of the magic is lost in the process. A great way to get the best of both worlds is holding movie nights in your backyard! To get everything ready you’ll need a large sheet, which you can place against one of the walls or the hedges.

If you have sturdy grass, you can sit there to enjoy the film. However, another option is placing chairs or, even better, tree stumps that serve as chairs. To make the experience truly special, you can prepare in advance by selecting flowers such as petunias or star jasmine, which release their fragrances at night. Some strategically placed pots will make the experience an unforgettable one.

Hang Some Beautiful Lights

There’s a reason why these items have become such a trend when it comes to home décor. Hanging some lights can create an enchanted garden atmosphere, where simply going into your backyard feels like transporting yourself to a different place. If you decide to do outdoor movie nights or install a bar to hang out with your friends, you can still make use of these lights to enhance the overall effect.

You can get some poles and use an “X” design, or you can place the lights all around the backyard, by fixing them to the walls using a combination of hooks and screws. Whatever you choose, remember to go for waterproof extension cords so that they can’t get damaged. The effect will be stunning and it will help in making your backyard the perfect summer spot.

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