July 10, 2020

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COVID Testing Planned for Kingsland

Jun 1, 2020 | ,

County’s Second Mass Testing Set For June 4 In Kingsland

According to the Cleveland County Herald, Mainline Health Systems, Inc. and the Arkansas Rural Health Partnership will conduct free drive-thru community-wide COVID-19 tests Thursday, June 4 at the Kingsland Elementary School campus (16650 US Hwy 79) in Kingsland.

The testing event will begin at 2 p.m. and go through 4 p.m., or while supplies last.

The tests are available at no cost to the public. Testing is available to anyone, with or without COVID-19 symptoms. No physician referral is needed.

Mainline held its first mass testing event in Cleveland County on May 20 where 81 people were tested. Due to a nationwide delay in processing of the tests, results are currently pending.

County Ordering Extra Absentee Ballots for Election

RISON – Voting by mail has become a hot topic nationally in light of what impact the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic might have on the Nov. 3 general election, and Cleveland County Clerk Jimmy Cummings said he plans to be ready regardless of how it pans out.

Cummings said in a recent interview that he will be ordering enough printed absentee mail-in ballots to handle 75 percent of the registered voters in Cleveland County.

While the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office – which oversees elections in the state – has not handed down any directives to counties regarding extra mail-in absentee ballots for this year’s election,

Cummings said he is anticipating a greater-than-normal request for the ballots since he expects some voters will be apprehensive about visiting a polling due to the virus.

Overall, Cummings estimated that the additional absentee ballots and sanitizer to clean the voting machines between users will cost the county another $4,600 on top of the usual election expenses.

That figure includes about $1,100 for the paper absentee ballots on special paper stock coded for the scanning device; about $3,000 for the envelopes with proper election statements printed on them; and about $500 for the sanitizer at each polling site. He noted that the estimate does not include the postage for mailing the ballots.

Cummings’ plans come as a battle rages over the use of mail-in ballots in the November general election. While there is some bi-partisan support on each side of the issue, the idea of allowing people to avoid the virus by voting by mail has generally been supported by Democrats and opposed by Republicans.

Democrats cite the need for mail-in ballots in light of the pandemic while Republicans have expressed concerns about voter fraud with mail-in ballots. Many states have announced plans to increase voting by mail this fall.

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