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High School Senior Starts Business to Spread Laziness

May 3, 2020 | ,

The story of how a high school student has turned into the founder and CEO of a small business.

Beaver Country Day Senior, Lucy Hirshland expected to be planning for high-school graduation, getting measured for her prom gown, and savoring the final months with high school friends before college. Instead, the COVID-19 quarantine gave her lazy days binging on Netflix, reading books, and playing with her beloved brown cockapoo dog, Coco.

Lucy was ecstatic about interning with her first-grade teacher at Newman Elementary School in Needham, but due to the coronavirus, her internship was cancelled. Disappointed, Hirshland wondered what she was going to do for her senior experience, a six week period where seniors at Beaver can intern or work on their own, self-directed projects. She quickly turned to one of her passions, entrepreneurship.

In the summer of 2019, Lucy had started Lazy Daze, an art project that she turned into a company combining her passions for entrepreneurship and graphic design to spread laziness. She started by just making designs for her friends, but as it gained popularity, she realized how much she loved being able to make people happy and decided she wanted to see it grow. When asked about the company’s mission, CEO and founder, Lucy Hirshland states, “The goal is to spread a love for laziness, not the typical, negative use of the word, but taking a step away from work and doing whatever makes you happy.” The business sells t-shirts, stickers, and mugs, featuring her dog Coco. What makes Lazy Daze truly unique is the ability to upload a photo of your own pet to create your own custom Lazy Daze product. The custom products have been very popular, especially for dog lovers. “It’s so cool Lazy Daze can put my dog on a t-shirt!” expressed Jessie White, a senior at Needham High School.

With more time on her hands due to the quarantine and her original internship cancelled, Hirshland has been anything but lazy, devoting all her time to the growth of the company. She used her social media skills and continued to gain more enthusiastic customers. Due to the company’s quick growth, she decided she needed some help, so she called up her childhood friend, and fellow Beaver Country Day Senior, Brett Siegal who was so excited about the opportunity to be a part of Lazy Daze. “I love Lazy Daze’s mission! I’m excited to join the team and help spread laziness!” said Siegal. Siegal is planning on majoring in business at Boston University, and was eager to get some hands-on experience. Hirshland and Siegal hope that the designs can capture the essence of a lazy day off from work and encourage people to prioritize time to pursue their interests, and just relax and enjoy their lives. This mindset could be especially valuable for people right now during these trying times. Order your own custom product today on their website (!

BusinessWork High School Senior Starts Business to Spread Laziness Business Top Stories [your]NEWS
BusinessWork High School Senior Starts Business to Spread Laziness Business Top Stories [your]NEWS

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