April 01, 2020

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Nevada gets an A for social distancing

Mar 26, 2020 | ,


When it comes to COVID-19, Nevadans are doing their part to keep their distance.

The tech company Unacast gave Nevada an A grade in its social distancing scoreboard.

The company uses GPS location data from smartphones to compare changes in average distances traveled before and after the coronavirus pandemic.

States that showed a decrease of greater than 40 percent received an A grade. Nevada had a 51 percent decrease in average distance traveled.

Clark County received an A, along with Carson City and Douglas counties. Eureka County was the state’s lowest-ranked county, receiving an F after showing a 73 percent increase in distance traveled.

Nationwide, Nevada ranked behind only the District of Columbia (60 percent decrease) and Alaska (52 percent decrease). Wyoming was the lone state to receive an F.

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