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St. Lucie County Seeks Volunteers for Various Boards, Committees

Mar 16, 2020 | ,

Erick Gill

St. Lucie County Commissioners are looking for civic-minded residents to serve on several boards and committees.

There is an immediate need for volunteers on the following boards/committees:
• Contractor Licensing Board (plumber)
• Investment Committee
• Board of Adjustments
• Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, which has five vacancies: Two of them have to represent the following categories:
o Citizen engaged in the residential home building industry in connection with affordable housing;
o Mortgage banking industry;
o Advocate for low‐income persons;
o For‐profit provider of affordable housing
o Real estate professional;
o Not‐for‐profit provider of affordable housing;
o Representative of employers in jurisdiction.
Applications should be submitted before Friday, April 3. Some boards/committees may require specific qualifications or past experience, but the minimum requirements are:
• Must be a St. Lucie County resident;
• Must not be related to another committee member, County Commissioner or county employee involved with the committee of interest;
• Must not be employed by the same business entity as other committee members;
• Must not serve on more than two county committees (does not apply to Ad Hoc Committees).

Financial disclosure is required for some boards and committees. Applications and more information about each of the advisory boards is available on the county’s website at:

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