February 26, 2020

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Marketplace Donates Shopping Sprees

Feb 14, 2020 | ,

As a way to give back to the community, Holyoke Marketplace decided to sponsor two shopping sprees to benefit local food pantries. Representatives from the Lutheran food pantry and the Methodist food pantry had just 1 minute to fill their empty cart with as many supplies as possible.

In what started as a promotion February 1st at the Farm and Home Show at the Phillips County Event Center, Michael Brauer won a 60 second shopping spree. That giveaway was sponsored by Star 92.3 and the Holyoke Marketplace.

Brauer  was joined at the starting line by Teri Waln and Donna Lutze as representatives of the food pantries the morning of February 11th. The Holyoke Marketplace, located at 112 E Carnahan St., ran the contest. The event ended up similar to the 90s game show “Supermarket Sweep.” The difference here is everyone ended up a winner.

At the go signal, each contestant utilized a unique strategy to get the groceries they needed the most. Waln and Lutze stocked up on the shelf-stable items that food pantries tend to need. Brauer went straight for the meat and cheese.

The Lutheran food pantry ended up with a donation of groceries worth $77,  while the Methodist food pantry’s haul totaled $66. Bauer’s strategy netted him an impressive total of $411. But again, it wasn’t a contest. Waln and Lutze were strategic in procuring items that will last a long time in a food pantry setting.

You could say the hungry were the real winners.


-original article by Jess-C French, Holyoke Enterprise.

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