February 26, 2020

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Lewis & Clark Water System Receives Boost In Funding

Feb 13, 2020 | ,

(KVHT) – Officials with the Lewis & Clark Water system found out recently that they will receive $18 million in federal funding for fiscal year 2020. That represents an increase of $3 million compared to last year. Executive Director Troy Larson said the increase in funding comes as a result to the hard work and strong support of the tristate delegation. Congress approved an additional $117.4 million for the Rural Water Program which reclamation in turn allocated $17.9 million of this amount to Lewis & Clark. When that funding is combined with the $100,000 proposed by the administration it brings the total funding for FY20 to $18 million. The 2020 funding will be used to cover a portion of three construction projects — a radial collector well adjacent to the Missouri River near Vermillion that is anticipated to produce 16 million gallons per day, a 2.5 million gallon water tower just east of Beresford, and the 12.6 mile middle segment of 24-inch pipeline between Beresford and Sioux Center. Meanwhile, the administration’s fiscal year 2021 budget was released last week with a funding amount of just $100,000 for Lewis & Clark. Larson said the amount is disappointing but not surprising. He said they will once again count on the tristate delegation to secure additional funding for the Rural Water System.

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