February 23, 2020

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Bristol Mountain founder, former owner dies in Florida

Jan 21, 2020 | ,

The man who founded, and subsequently owned, Bristol Mountain for many years died earlier this month, according to family.

Lawrence ‘Larry’ Demarse was 82-years-old. He was an entrepreneur and engineer who opened Bristol Mountain back in 1964. He had partnered with Ron Ratnick, and designed, built, and opened, the resort that gave skiers a 1,200-foot drop. That was the largest drop of its kind for the time west of the Adirondacks and east of the Rockies.

It put Bristol Mountain in unique territory – being a draw from around the U.S. even before the region was a tourist destination.

Demarse lived in Florida, and previously lived in Fairport. His family says he died on January 3rd.

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