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Wiggins Elementary Recieves Music and Arts Grant

Nov 8, 2019 | ,

 Art students at Wiggins Elementary School will soon have more creative options, thanks to a $250 Music and Arts Grant from California Casualty. The grant will enable new instructor, Max Heepke, to purchase clay and art supplies for the startup arts program. Preschool teacher, Lisa Trautwein, applied for the Music and Arts grant to help get the new art program off the ground. “This will greatly enhance the successful outcomes for students in Wiggins Elementary,” she said.

image001-150x150 Wiggins Elementary Recieves Music and Arts Grant [your]NEWSWiggins is among 139 public schools in 31 states receiving a total of $34,750 to provide materials, supplies and instruments for art, music and performance programs at the schools.

The grant is designed to foster creativity in schools, such as choir, band, dance, film, theater, computer arts and graphics, or any K-12 curriculum that employs art for learning.

California Casualty has partnered with education associations since 1951 and understands the importance of music and arts education for children. Numerous studies have concluded that sharing a love of the arts enhances students brain development, creativity, and classroom involvement. Music and art curriculum has also been shown to reduce disciplinary issues and dropout rates.

Unfortunately, many schools have reduced or eliminated music and arts education because of budget cuts. California Casualty hopes to fill the need with the Music and Arts Grant.  “Students love to showcase their creativity, and helping educators keep music and arts in the forefront of every-day learning is absolutely the right thing for us to do,” said California Casualty AVP Brian Goodman.

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