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Study shows distracted driving crashes up, cellphone tickets down

Nov 8, 2019 | ,

A study by News 10 in Rochester shows that in that last 10 years, the number of crashes in New York involving distracted driving, including texting, has gone up 86%.

The strange thing is that over the same period of time the number of tickets for distracted driving went going down.

The Rosenblum Law firm analyzed data from police reports and the state DMV. The firm said what it shows is the number of distracted driving crashes in New York State went from 650 in 2009 when texting while driving became illegal, to more than 1,212 last year.

Over the same decade, the number of tickets for cell phone use dropped by more than 100,000.

State Police said the biggest reason for the drop is that the technology allows people to go “hands-free” their phones when they talk, and don’t need to hold the phones to use them.

The data from the law firm shows, as a percentage, more middle-aged and older men and women get caught texting than young drivers.

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