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Bruce’s Take 10/18/19

Oct 19, 2019 | ,

After a fantastic two weeks in Arkansas touring the district, I was back on Capitol Hill this week. I never enjoy leaving the Natural State, but this week was it particularly difficult to return to Washington, D.C. to an impeachment inquiry.

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I taped a video update on the impeachment inquiry. You can hear more of my thoughts on my Facebook page.

House Democrats have withheld information from members of Congress, misinformed the American public, and disregarded precedent on processes for this inquiry.

For example, on Wednesday I went to a secure area to read classified testimony from Adam Schiff’s closed-door hearing, but was turned away. If Democrats won’t even let members of Congress know what’s going on, how can we trust the information they’re leaking to the media?

Impeachment is the most serious tool Congress can use, and we should treat it as such. Instead, these cloak-and-dagger inquiries are unprecedented, uncalled for, and unfair to the American people.

Needless to say, this situation is increasingly frustrating. Time that we could have spent voting on USMCA, the Born Alive Act, transportation and infrastructure, and veterans affairs has been wasted on a media frenzy.

Our constituents did not elect us to act in a political circus; it’s our responsibility to work on policy that can better shape our country. Even with this distraction, I will continue to do just that.

Until next week,
Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS
Bruce Westerman
Arkansas’ Fourth District

Westerman Weekly with host Murriel Wiley


Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS

Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS

Corey Boby and Theresa Watson

Corey Boby of Malvern won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. We are blessed to have educators like Corey teaching students in Arkansas’ Fourth District. Congratulations!

Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS   Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS

Virgin One Hyperloop brought a test pod to Capitol Hill this week. Hyperloops have the potential to connect major economic hubs faster and easier than ever, expanding opportunities and giving people more choices about where they work and live.

Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS

Miss Arkansas Darynne Dahlem stopped by the office to discuss her platform “Know Who You Are.” Darynne is teaching students and teens how to combat opioid addiction. The opioid epidemic effects thousands of people in our country, and I proud of Darynne for teaching young people to know their value as individuals and say no to drugs.

Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS   Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS

It was great to visit with the families who were visiting D.C. this week for vacation. Pictured above is the Fezard family from Bonnerdale and the Woeppel family from Royal. If you’d like to schedule a tour of the Capitol or learn more about other tours in Washington, D.C., call my office at (202) 225-3772. We’d love to see you!

Keep up with my interns!

Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS

Willow, Brian and Fergus enjoyed some classic Arkansas food at the annual Catfish Farmers of America Capitol Catfish Fry.

Impeachment-Interview-150x150 Bruce's Take 10/18/19 [your]NEWS

Willow is a freshman at George Washington University, and she’s been helping out part time as an intern this fall. She was born and raised in West Fork, and her family still lives in Arkansas raising mules, chickens, pigs, and hound dogs. She’s been a huge asset to my office, assisting staff by taking notes at briefings and putting her political science major to good use!

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