September 21, 2019

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Chehalis Police officers to get new outside ballistic vests

Sep 11, 2019 | ,

Chehalis Police officers will be getting new exterior ballistic vests. The Chehalis City Council on Monday approved the purchase of the vests. Police Chief Glen Schafer told the Council that the new vests should help reduce health issues that result from the use of the traditional under-uniform vests that require most of an officer’s gear to be carried on their belt. He says with the exterior vests, there are pouches for officers to carry much of their gear on the vests instead of on their belt.

Schafer says the total cost of the vests being purchased is $5,700 which was not included in the 2019 budget. He says by getting approval now they can move forward with the purchase this year rather than waiting until next year.

Schafer says because the vests are custom made, it takes about four months from order to delivery.

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