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         A 2015 Harley Davidson motorcycle stolen from a Johnson County resident was recovered when Johnson County Deputies responded to a call in the 100 block of CR 3720 on July 30th.   The caller advised that he believed his son was inside his home and that he had opened his son’s front door and found him lying in the floor next to the front door.   The father and another relative met deputies in the yard in front of the home.  The deputy opened the door and found the victim, Darrell Daniel, lying in the home at the front door with an injury to his foot.   The report indicated that there was no evidence of foul play.   While authorities were in the home they discovered a 2015 Harley Davidson that had been taken apart and showed to have been stolen in 2016 in Johnson County.   The report showed the owner was a Jonathan Holland who was contacted and said that he had already been paid by insurance on the claim.    The report also shows that State Farm Insurance was contacted but the agent could not find a claim on the motorcycle.  It was not known where Daniel had obtained the motorcycle according to the report.



On August 11th, Franklin County Deputy William Gilbreth responded to an animal cruelty call of a dog that was left chained up without food and starving.    The location of the call was in the 4200 block of Pond Creek Road.   Deputy Gilbreth arrived and found the dog under the porch of the residence.   The dog appeared mal nourished and was unable to support it’s own body weight.  There was a bowl of molded dog food and a bowl of water out of the reach of the dog.  The owner of the dog was Jessica Cowan who was later located at the residence and informed that the dog had been confiscated by the sheriff’s department due to the condition of the dog.   She said she had purchased the dog for her children a few weeks earlier but works most of the time and has not been able to take care of the dog.   She was cited for animal cruelty.  The dog died later that day.




A traffic stop by Clarksville Officer Smith on August 12th resulted in a drug arrest.   The stop was on West Main near Ray Road.  The driver, Krystal Sherrill, was not able to provide a DL and was found to have a suspended DL with a history of the same offense.   Sherrill was arrested, during which the smell of marijuana was noticed and she admitted to having marijuana in the front of the vehicle.   A search was conducted of the vehicle and a green cigarette case containing rolling papers and a clear plastic bag of marijuana was found near the center console.    Sherrill was transported to the Johnson County Detention Center and cited for driving on suspended DL, no insurance, defective equipment and possession of controlled substance.



On August 1st, Johnson County Deputy Rickey Casey took a report from Carla White of a scam.   White lives on Highway 123 near Hagarville and said she got a call from a person who gave the name of James Wilson and said they were with Dish Network.  He told her he was updating her system and she needed to pay $200 for the upgrade or they would cut her service off.   She gave the person on the phone her bank account number.   White was then contacted by her bank to let her know this was a scam.



A Jill Donaldson age 43 of Clarksville was arrested by Johnson County Deputy Seth Pruitt after a traffic stop on South Rogers Street on August 2nd for expired license registration.   A strong odor of marijuana was noticed coming from the vehicle when Deputy Pruitt made contact with Donaldson in the vehicle.   Davidson was asked if there was marijuana in the vehicle and she admitted that there was and handed Deputy Pruitt a coin purse containing a glass pipe with burnt marijuana residue and a zip lock bag containing marijuana.  Donaldson was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of controlled substance along with expired vehicle license.



Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 15,000 block of Cravens Road on Monday August 12th to assist EMS with a possible drug overdose.  The subject was lying unresponsive near the residence.   A relative was present and advised that the male subject had been sitting at the picnic table in the yard for a while and had occasionally got up and walked around.   At one point when they came out they found him sitting on the picnic table upright asleep, they laid him on the ground and that he was still breathing.   Then when they came back out about 30 minutes later a brownish foam was coming from his mouth and they called 911.  The male subject had a history of meth use and also had a history of attempting to overdose and commit suicide in the past.  The 42 year old white male was transported to Mercy Ozark where he was pronounced dead.   No foul play suspected in the death.



Christopher Rodriguez contacted the Clarksville Police Department on August 12th  in reference to a theft.  Rodriguez advised that he had been staying at the Holiday Inn on August 1st and during the stay a 3Z Antenna Alinment tool was stolen of one of the work trucks.  There was no value given for the tool.



Clarksville Police were dispatched to Dodge’s Gas Station August 12th to take a report of a counterfeit bill.     The clerk advised that a female customer came in around 2:30am and gave her a 2 dollar bill with loose change to pay for a box of cigarettes.   After the female left, the bill was check with a pen to detect counterfeit bills and it was determined to be counterfeit.  A copy of the video surveillance was provided to help in identifying a suspect.



Johnson County Deputy Seth Pruitt stopped a Ford Explorer on August 3rd for suspicion of the driver having a suspended license.   The driver, Kenneth Turner, exited the vehicle and was taken into custody without incident.   The passenger, Krista Partin was also questioned and searched and found to have several ID”s from several different people along with Social Security and bank cards belonging to other people in her possession, all of which were seized as evidence.    Turner was arrested for driving on suspended DL and permitting unauthorized person to drive.



27 year old Summer Pullen of Ozark was arrested by Johnson County Deputies after they responded to a call about criminal trespassing in the 500 block of County Road 2253.   Deputy Seth Pruitt arrived, to find Pullen was standing in the front yard of the home and arrested without incident.   It was learned that the homeowners found Pullen inside their fenced yard standing in the swimming pool.   When the home owners came out of the home, Pullen moved to the inside of their dog pen and was setting on top of the dog house.   Pullen was transported to the Johnson County Detention Center for disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.



On August 11th, Clarksville Police were called to the 100 block of Cherokee Lane regarding a female who had been hit by a vehicle.  Officer’s arrived to find 74-year-old Esther Wolfson lying in a parking lot with a large knot on her forehead.   It was learned that a vehicle driven by Donna Hook was backing up when she heard yelling for her to stop and go forward, which she did.   When she got out she saw Ms. Wolfson lying on the ground.   Statement’s gathered at the scene revealed that Wolfson was in Ms. Hook’s blind spot when she was backing.   The report did not indicate that Wolfson was transported to the hospital for treatment.



Franklin County authorities were called to the Webb City Conoco for a theft of property report.   The owner of the business reported that one of his employees stole $200 from the cash register on Friday August 9th.  The next day the employee took $400 from a deposit bag.   The employee was identified in the report but had not been located or arrested at the time of the report being released.



Clarksville Police were called to the 900 block of North Harmony in reference to an unresponsive male.   Police arrived and were advised that the man had been found by his older brother who had come to check on him due to health problems he had been having recently.   EMS was dispatched to the scene but instructed the coroner to be called since the man was deceased when they arrived.   No signs of foul play were detected.



A report came in to the Clarksville Police Department August 7th of a physical domestic in the 600 block of Poplar Street.  Police arrived and talked with all involved.  The victim advised that her son had hit her on the neck and grabbed her arm after she caught him drinking hand sanitizer in order to get drunk.  She advised that after he hit here she went outside to make get help from a Johnson County Deputy that lives in the neighborhood.   Jason Baublit was arrested and transported to the Johnson County Detention Center for 3rd degree domestic battery and on a warrant.




A report came into the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department of Criminal Mischief in the 600 block of CR2253.  Deputy Rickey Casey responded and was informed that a Cody Nash had damaged the side of a camper owned by Stephanie Mullinex breaking out two windows.   The damage was estimated at $800.   Nash was not located at the time of the report.   There were also allegations of battery but there were no physical signs to support the allegations.



20 year old Kaitlyn Shockey of Van Buren was arrested by Johnson County Deputy Brent Scott during a traffic stop on I-40 August 4th.  It was during the stop that Scott noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.   Scott questioned Shockey about possessing anything illegal.  After first she denied it, then admitted to having some marijuana, a grinder and marijuana pipe in the vehicle.  The items were retrieved from the vehicle by Scott where she said they would be.   Shockey was arrested for possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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