September 21, 2019

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New Sign Says Welcome In Many Languages

Jun 12, 2019 | ,

(KVHT) – Businesses in Yankton have a new way to greet visitors to the City. A number of colorful, multi-language signs saying “hello” in 18 different languages will be posted at businesses throughout Yankton as a new way of putting out the welcome mat for ethnic guests. The signs are sponsored by Connecting Cultures, a new community group wanting to promote Yankton as a diverse place where everyone is welcome, no matter what culture they are from. The first version of the sign is a window cling and is being offered free of charge to local businesses and residents. According to Connecting Cultures member Daniel Johnikin, it intentionally combines heritage languages that go back to the founding of this community, to newer languages that show that the community is continuing to evolve. Another member of Connecting Cultures, Jose Alonso said that the welcome sign is inviting to many people with different cultural backgrounds or just to anyone who can connect with another language. Alonso added that he grew up in Yankton and considers the city to be a family-based city, and that the sign is a branch to continue that family oriented feel with new people who come to the community.

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