September 21, 2019

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Annual global index rates U.S. 128th most peaceful nation on earth

Jun 12, 2019 | ,

By Washington Times

The world has gotten a little more peaceful, according to the 13th annual Global Peace Index, a complex study that ranks 163 nations around the world based on factors ranging from rates of homicide and incarceration to the presence of small arms, military expenditures, ongoing conflicts, terrorism, the overall economic impact of violence and even climate change.

“The average level of global peacefulness improved for the first time in five years,” the index said, noting that Iceland is the most peaceful nation on earth, a spot it has held for 11 years.

New Zealand is in second place, followed by Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Slovenia, Japan and Czech Republic, to round out the top 10.

The U.S. is ranked 128th on the list. Among Western allies, Australia is 13th, Germany 22nd, Britain 45th and France 60th. Certain Central American nations had a better rating than America; El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, for instance, were rated 113, 114 and 123 respectively — though Mexico came in at 140.

Afghanistan is the least peaceful nation — with Syria as runner-up, followed by South Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Central African Republic, Libya, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Russia.

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