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Yankton School Board Discusses Budget

May 15, 2019 | ,

(KVHT) – The Yankton School Board held discussions earlier this week regarding a preliminary 2019-2020 budget. Board members also heard a presentation regarding the Yankton School District’s 2020-2024 capital outlay plan which led to questions regarding the budget deficit and a potential property tax opt-out. The total preliminary budget came to $19.7 million. Jason Bietz, YSD business manager reported that the district began the fiscal 2019 year with $5.4 million and a projection to deficit spend again by the end of the school year. He said that assumes the fund balance of right around $5 million in the next year would not roll over. On a preliminary basis, Bietz stated that the district is showing about a $300,000 surplus — a shortfall of expense. He also said this version of the budget did not include all of the figures for staff expenses because the school district is still working to fill some of the positions for next year. Yankton Superintendent Wayne Kindle was asked about the possibility of eliminating the school-budget deficit. Kindle told those present that the real truth of the matter included the fact that Yankton, like many other school districts, has never recovered from the 8.6 percent freeze from a number of years ago. According to Kindle the Yankton School District has done a lot of things to try to do eliminate the deficit, but when you have a cut of 8.6 percent out of the budget and the state increases have not been very good over the last seven or eight years, it’s really difficult to the rising cost of running the district. Kindle confirmed that there is a structural deficit and that the district will need help with that.

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