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Ex-Las Vegas officer sentenced to 25 life sentences in sex abuse case

May 15, 2019 |


A former Metropolitan Police Department officer convicted of sexually abusing a child for over a decade was sentenced Wednesday to 25 consecutive life terms in prison.

In February 39-year-old Bret Theil was found guilty of 28 counts, including sexual assault, lewdness with a child, child abuse and kidnapping. In addition to the 25 life sentences, the judge imposed an additional three to nine years behind bars for lesser counts.

District Judge Stefany Miley left open the possibility for parole, but noted that Theil wouldn’t be eligible until 2412, when he would be 393 years old. He was relieved of duty without pay after his indictment.

His attorney, Craig Mueller, maintains that the trial was not properly conducted. He compared the proceedings to the Salem witch trials and called the victim a “disturbed young woman.”

“At any time any man can be accused by any woman and at the very least he loses his life, his freedom and his reputation,” Mueller said, adding that he already had drafted an appeal in the case.

Theil was accused of sexually abusing the woman, now 21, from ages 8 to 19. She said that during the first sexual assault, Theil brought her to a friend’s house and took her into a downstairs bathroom. In subsequent assaults, she said, he tied her to a bench, blindfolded her and hit her with a whip.

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