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Gas prices in Nevada surge ahead of busy summer travel season

Apr 16, 2019 | ,


Just as many Southern Nevada families hit the road to take advantage of spring break vacation this week gas prices are soaring.

In the last week, gasoline prices jumped 18 cents a gallon in Nevada, pushing the average for regular unleaded fuel to $3.26 per gallon. With the increase, Nevada has the fourth most expensive gas prices in the country, well above the $2.83 national average, according to AAA.

Since April 1, the average price of gas in Nevada has increased 28 cents a gallon.

The surge in gas prices is largely tied to two factors, increased demand and spring maintenance at California refineries, according to Sergio Avila, AAA spokesman.

“With the rising gas prices in California, we unfortunately see the residuals because we get most of our gas here in Las Vegas from the California area,” Avila said. “So, that’s part of it, but there’s also been some routine and some not so routine maintenance happening in refineries in California. That has dwindled down the supply, to where we have a lot more demand.”

Gas prices topped the $4 per gallon mark statewide in California this week, following a 20 cent a gallon week-over-week increase, AAA data showed.

Clark County isn’t the most expensive area in Nevada as far as gas prices are concerned sitting at $3.24 a gallon, as Mineral ($3.58 a gallon), Washoe ($3.53) and Pershing ($3.44) counties in the north are seeing the highest gas prices statewide.

Increased travel has also help drive prices up, as summer-like travel conditions have been experienced on roads in the region, Avila said.

With the summer travel period slated to begin at the end of May when school lets out for the summer, gas prices in Las Vegas are expected to continue an upward trend, Avila said.

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