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Farrel’s Sunday sermon 4-14-19

Apr 14, 2019 |

By Dick Farrel

It’s Palm Sunday…. for those who know not the significance of Palm Sunday….it is the Sunday that Yeshua, The Hebrew Messiah, returned to Jerusalem for the last time. He rode a small donkey as people threw palm fronds at Him to pave His path. Later in this week, now known as “Holy Week”, Yeshua will host the Last Supper on Thursday which is the traditional Hebrew Passover meal , called “the Seder.” He will be arrested after that meal in the Garden of Gethsemane. He will be charged with blasphemy and shuffled between the Hebrew Elders, the Roman Governor and the puppet Hebrew King, Herod Antipas. All of which want Him out of the way, but no one has the guts to say or do it. Finally, Pilate , the Roman Governor pretends to let the Jerusalem crowd decide . Pilate offers Yeshua, whom Pilate KNOWS DAMN WELL IS NO CRIMINAL, to be paired with Barabbas, a ruthless, vicious murderer .The assembled Jerusalemites, devoid of any knowledge of Yeshua, and devoid of any Hebrew supporters of Him shout out to crucify Yeshua and free Barabbas.

So, on Friday around noon Yeshua is nailed to a cross outside of the city on a hill called Calvary. ( NOT CAVALRY, as some benighted numskulls often think.) He is put to death in the most excruciating form of punishment ever known to that point in history. He is joined by two others who are not named, but have admitted to doing petty crimes and they are resigned to their fate. One of them chooses to accept Yeshua as the Savior and Yeshua tells the man, bleeding and in pain. ” In my Father’s house there are many mansions, If it were not so, I could not tell you, but today you will be in paradise with me.”

Yeshua said many things during His 3 hours of bleeding, suffering, choking and dying.( Some of the Gospels say it was 9 hours.) He called for God to “forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He shouted out to The Father,” Why God hast thou forsaken me? And at long last…” Father, unto thy hands I commend my spirit.”

From Friday Night ( Good Friday) to Sunday Morning ( Easter Sunday) Yeshua is dead. It is not really three days, but more like a day and a half. On Sunday, Mary Magdalene walks to the tomb where Joseph of Aramathea has given his pre-needs burial plot to Yeshua, as it states in Isaiah 53. ” And He shall be buried in the grave of a wealthy man.” Isiah foretold some 800 years before it happened, in the Tenoch, the Hebrew Scripture. As she approached the gravesite, she sees the huge, round stone that sealed the cave has been rolled away. The Roman guards were asleep. She saw that the cave was devoid of the Body of Yeshua. And she rejoiced that Yeshua has risen from the dead.

A 2,000 year old story that although involved mostly Jews, today’s majority of Jews think of it as hokum. Yet same said modern Jews accept as fact that Moses split the Red Sea and the Hebrews or then known as Israelites, scurried away from advancing Egyptian soldiers, who later were covered up by the waters of the Red Sea. They also believe the high walls of Jericho just tumbled down as the Hebrews marched around them and the sun stood still in the sky.

I have come to the conclusion, if you are going to accept the miracles and supernatural occurrences that benefited the Hebrews prior to the Birth of Yeshua then you too must accept the same supernatural events that Yeshua was involved with. His walk on water, making wine from water, making Lazarus live again, feeding five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread. These are all Miracles that were made to happen by JEWS for Jews.

Moses,frustrated by the lack of cooperation from his flock, is quoted as saying. “One day there’ll come another, and they will listen to Him, they won’t give Him grief as they do me.” It is believed Moses meant to channel Yeshua in this remark.

Being born, raised and living as a Jew, I find it hard to believe Jews reject Yeshua. I have stated before, Jews on 21 century Earth are the victims of a 2,000 year old lie. Caiaphus and his buddies, self appointed , self-anointed decided Yeshua was a problem for their feathered nest . So they conspired to deny Him and in so doing forsaked their God and instead chose to obey their Roman masters. For this abomination Jews were subjected to being cast out from the Promised Land, scattered to the four corners of the Earth and victimized by 1,920 so years of persecution, pogroms, and brutal hatred.

However, Jews will get a Mulligan. When Yeshua returns, they will have yet another chance to accept Him. Scripture tells us 80% of them will blow this Mulligan. I don’t plan to be one of them.

And what of Christians? Are they not Jews? They are “Followers of Christ”. That is what “christian” means. Christ Jesus IS , WAS and FOREVER will be JEWISH. In the first 100 or so years since Yeshua was resurrected, all of His followers were JEWS. Today “Christians” are “gentiles” a word that means “not Jewish.” How can that be? 2/3rds of Scripture is Hebrew Scripture, the 3rd that isn’t was written by Hebrews. Every prophet is a Hebrew Prophet. All of Yeshua’s disciples are Jews. In the first 100 years since His ascension every apostle is a Jew. It stands to reason when He returns you will want to emulate Him too. You will be Jewish.
He will not be Christian, He will not be a Gentile. How can He be?

The truth is, whether you like it or not, whether you deem it worthy or not. To be a true Christian, you must also be a Jew.
A Christian is a “Jew Plus One.” A Jew who recognizes Yeshua as the Lord is also Jew Plus One. Judaism 1.02.
There is no Christianity , No Bible, No miracle, No prophet ,no Creation, no GOD without the Jews. Abraham was the first Jew. Even the Muslims, whom many of, have convoluted the the essential meaning of Scripture claim Abraham to be the one, true patriarch of their religion.

As we embark upon Holy Week it truly resembles the same timetable as it did in days of yore. Passover, the celebration of liberation from Egyptian bondage, begins Friday night. It was the Passover that brought Yeshua to Jerusalem during that week in the year 33 AD. Christians celebrate Passover too. It is the mark of mankind’s history. An eight day recognition of freedom and liberty.

The Seder known as the Last Supper was presided over by Yeshua. It happened on Thursday Night. This is Holy Thursday. We’re one day off this cycle here in 2019. However, the imperative is to acknowledge that Passover and Easter are indelibly intertwined and cannot be separated. It is symbolic that Judaism and Christianity are equally so.

With that, I bid you a blessed Sunday my brothers and sisters and I remind you to never forget the Lord. With each passing day, always acknowledge that His is the Power, The Glory and The Kingdom forever an ever. That without Him you are nothing, nothing but dust. You lose not a drop of your Jewishness for accepting Yeshua, you may even be more Jewish for it.

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