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Judge revokes bail for Las Vegas lawyer Alexis Plunkett

Mar 14, 2019 |


Alexis Plunkett, the jailed Las Vegas defense lawyer enmeshed in a pair of felony cases, will remain behind bars while awaiting trial, a judge decided Thursday.

District Judge Michael Villani cited a pair of recently uncovered text messages from Plunkett, 38, detailing to friends how she arranged to have her former boyfriend killed in prison.

“Professionals don’t vent this way,” the judge said before revoking Plunkett’s bail. “Adults don’t vent this way, unless they’re going to do something.”

In one message, Plunkett wrote that she knew “a slew of people at HDSP (High Desert State Prison) pissed as hell at him and I’ve asked for PC (protective custody) level beat down or death. They’re lifers. I was like, what do you want? A TV? Money on your books? Legal work? I got YOU forever if you get HIM. I’m ruthless.”

In another, she wrote: “I’m not joking and I don’t care who knows because NO ONE could link me to an inmate attack.”

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jay Raman argued that the text messages showed the sincerity of her intention to have 28-year-old Andrew Arevalo killed.

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