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Careful Virginia GOP, DON’T LET EM IMPEACH FAIRFAX BEFORE Northam and Herering quit

Feb 9, 2019 |

By Dick Farrel

Why be angry with Justy Fairfax? Keith Ellison has done much worse to Karen Monahan, and NO ONE DARES CALL HIM ON IT.

Hey, GOP folks in the Commonwealth of Virginia…if you let the Dems in the Virginia House impeach Justin Fairfax BEFORE Gov. Ralph Northam and Att. Gen. Mark Herring resign, you’ll be helping the Dems to maintain control of the Governor’s mansion .

Here’s how it works. If Fairfax is forced out first, whether by resignation or impeachment, Gov. Northam names a replacement. If the replacement is confirmed, then Northam can resign and the seat remains in Democrat hands. Then Attorney General Mark Herring can go away and the new Lt. Gov, becomes Gov and he appoints a new A.G. and another Lt. Gov. All the while, the GOP speaker of the Virginia House, Kurt Cox remains exactly where he is. Cox ought realize, for him to become governor, he needs to quash any talk of impeachment of Fairfax until such time that Northam AND Herring go stage left.

On another note, why are folks all up in arms over the allegations against Lt.Gov. Fairfax? What he may or may not have done is uncorroborated. There is only a “he said, she said” situation going on. Now it’s TWO women who’ve come forward. Meredith Watson and Vanessa Tyson. Although I agree, Lt. Governor Fairfax deserves the right to confront the accusers and defend his actions, I also must take a moment to remind us, the chief law enforcement agent of Minnesota, the Attorney General Keith Ellison has also been so accused. Ellison, while a congressman and the 2nd most powerful member of the Democrat Party was accused by two women. One, Karen Monahan and another who’s name has some how been “bleached away” from the internet.
NO CHARGES, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, NO EXPLANATION has ever been given to the citizens of his district. In fact there are police reports, medical reports and eye witnesses to the events but no legal action has ever been done, no interview with detectives and here’s this gem, the Minnesota Democrat party has harassed, threatened and placed in jeopardy Monahan and her family.

Austin Monahan, the son of the accuser, has taken to social media to explain just how awful his mom was abused and beaten. Austin Monahan also went on to express his frustration as to why NO ONE has ever made the effort to press the charges against the then-congressman.

I have a theory why Fairfax’s transgressions are meeting with much democrat angst, muted and delayed as it is , but angst none the less . There is NONE, ZERO ,NADA for Ellison is because Fairfax IS A CHRISTIAN, not a Muslim like Ellison is. Democrats FEAR like hell to confront a Muslim. They won’t confront them on prayer in public, which they hate. They won’t confront Muslims who persecute homosexuals, they’d rather sweep this scourge under a dark rug than let it ever see the light of day. They won’t confront Muslim animal abuse, however, if Christian-White males did this they’d go ballistic and they’d be right to do so. They won’t face up to Islamic anti-semetism and sheer Israel- hating in their party, despite so many leaders and donors to the party are Jewish.

So, naturally Justin Fairfax is the victim of selective democrat indignation.
An ugly , illogical and unjustifiable position to take. My advice to Fairfax, scream out the name of Keith Ellison and the hypocrisy of his party to
accuse him and deride him for something Keith Ellison also does, but never has to answer for.

The double standard and selective indignation practiced by the media, the left, the democrat potty and the Islamic community MUST BE EXPOSED.
It may do irreparable damage to the democrat brand, but the damage, if unchecked now, could ultimately be the ruination of the party in the end.

Lt. Gov. Fairfax…. GO AFTER ELLISON NOW, it will expose the glaring hypocrisy of the left and elevate you to martyrdom. It will save Virginia too.
As of now, the Governor of West Virginia is mulling over a name change for his state. He says,” things are so bad in Virginia, we’re contemplating calling our state East Kentucky.”

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