October 19, 2018

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Oct 11, 2018 |

By Infowars

On Thursday a marginalized group that’s been attacked, bullied, harassed and intimidated over their beliefs worked up the courage to come out of the closet and stand up for their rights.

Trump supporters nationwide celebrated October 11 as “Coming Out (as Conservative) Day,” with some people claiming that revealing their right wing political leanings in the current polarized climate is just as brave as coming out as homosexual.

Mr. Mayhem 🐸@sensepirational

Coming out as a Trump supporting conservative Republican is probably one of the most dangerous, and thus courageous decisions one can make right now.

Aa the previous graphic depicts, the Left’s violence against people who support Trump was noted throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, but it recently culminated in angry hordes harassing members of Congress over Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

In recent days, Antifa members have harassed and bullied motorists in Portland, screaming mobs have driven senators out of restaurants, a Trump supporter had his truck torched – not to mention last year’s assassination attempt of Republican lawmakers by a deranged leftist during congressional baseball practice.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul – who survived the baseball field shooting, but was assaulted at his home by a deranged leftist neighbor last year – has voiced concerns that “someone is going to be killed” in the current political climate. His wife Kelley has admitted she sleeps with a loaded firearm under her pillow.

All the while, Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Eric Holdercontinue to fan the flames of division, green-lighting more people to carry out political violence.

In light of the constant attacks on patriots who support the president, Conservatives still in the closet are not wrong to assume they could be attacked over their political beliefs.

Check out a few of the brave patriots who are standing up to bullying on Coming Out Day:

Chadwick Moore


This “self-hating gay,”as the LGBT community now refers to me, came out of the closet 20 years ago, at age 15, living in a small town in the Midwest. It was a piece of cake, no one cared. I was celebrated. Coming out conservative in ‘16 took far more courage

Nicolas Tomboulides@Tomboulides

It takes a lot of courage to risk social persecution and discrimination in America by coming out...as a conservative.

Lady Ace 🇺🇸🦁🗽👠@LadyAce127

I’m coming out today on as a Conservative.

PNW Conservative@PNWCon

Coming out as a conservative in the Pacific Northwest was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.


I’m coming out as a conservative. This was tough for me to announce so please respect my conservatality

Patriot First@PatriotFirstUS

At the risk of being assaulted by Hillary, Holder, etc .... I’m coming out as a conservative Republican.


Today is . I came out as gay in 2014. Most importantly, I came out as a in 2015 and was immediately disowned by 90% of the "community" that falsely espouses inclusiveness. 2015 is when I found my true non-biological family.


I am coming out as a hard right wing conservative. Is that ok with you?


Today I' coming out as a straight conservative christian, the only real persecuted minority in America.

Ashley Dionne@TaxationIsLame

National Coming Out Day: I'm shy, bi, conservative, and ready to die!

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