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Camden Police Report

Jul 12, 2018 | ,

Early in the morning June 29, Camden Police Officer Jake Perry responded to a call at McDonald's of a customer in the drive thru who appeared to be asleep. Perry stated in his report when he arrived on the scene he discovered a 35 year old man later identified as Kevin Odell of Camden slumped over the center console of his vehicle, which was still running.

Officer Perry stuck his hand inside the vehicle, placed it in park and removed the keys. He then physically shook and yelled for Odell to wake up, with no response. A sternum rub woke Odell up for a short time and he fell back to sleep. Officers could smell intoxicants on Odell who admitted after he woke up he drank too much. Odell was then given a field sobriety test which he failed.

He was charged with DWI and given a 30 day temporary drivers license and given a court date of August 15.


On July 3, 58 year old Phyllis M. Spicer of Camden was charged by Camden police with careless prohibited driving, DWI and possession of a controlled substance.

The charges were filed against Spicer following an incident that occurred at Ivory Heights. Officer Joseph Jones reported driving into the area and observed a vehicle backing from a parking space and backing into another. Officers made contact with the driver, 58 year old Phyllis M. Spicer who said she was trying to move her vehicle somewhere else. While conversing with officers the odor of intoxicants could be detected on Spicer who claimed she just had one beer an hour earlier. 

Spicer was unable to perform a field sobriety test due to an injury that had left one leg shorter than the other. Spicer was charged with careless and prohibited driving, possession of marijuana and DWI. Her court date is August 1. 

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