March 19, 2018

Nevada is Ready for Self Driving Cars, Official Says

Aug 19, 2017 | ,

By Bailey Schulz

ACROSS NEVADA (LVRJ) – Experts disagree on exactly when Las Vegas will see self-driving cars, but state officials say Nevada’s policies are ready for their commercial debut.

The Nevada Legislature passed a bill June 16 that allows for the testing and operations of fully autonomous vehicles, whenever they come onto the market.

The bill also clarifies the legal authority for those testing and operating the self-driving vehicles and authorizes the commercial use of fully-autonomous vehicles.

Dan Langford, innovation director of the Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility, said the public-private partnership helped bring together industry players to help guide the legislation, which was recently signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval.

“We created the business environment to allow that to happen,” he said. “The regulations around that legislation will be developed in the next six to 12 months.”

Langford said Nevada was the first state to enact any autonomous vehicle legislation, and is set to keep ahead of most other states as the autonomous vehicle industry grows.

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